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TAFAD is an independent coalition of food assistance operational NGOs and academics working on advocacy and reform of international food assistance policy. Our forerunner coalition (the old TAFAD) was created to formulate and advocate for joint policy positions on the re-negotiation of the current Food Assistance Convention which eventually came into force in 2012 after having expired in 1999.

The new TAFAD builds on the earlier success of the its forerunner coalition and brings together NGOs and academics to share information and analyses on significant developments in donor food assistance policy and advocate for agreed changes in donor policies and practices including transparent and consistent reporting.


TAFAD primarily engages with the Food Assistance Committee, the governing body of the Food Assistance Convention, which biannually in London. Member countries of the Food Assistance Committee have demonstrated openness to civil society input in their deliberations. TAFAD provides a common civil society platform for engagement with the Food Assistance Convention committee. TAFAD is a permanent observer-invitee to the biannual meetings of the Food Assistance Committee.

TAFAD also seeks to strengthen relationships with WFP, the Committee on World Food Securitythe Global Food Security and Nutrition Clusters and OECD/DAC.

In addition, our dialogue blog provides a means to engage the general public on program and policy matters relevant to food and nutrition assistance. You are welcome to join discussions on the TAFAD Dialogue.


The new TAFAD is inviting new members to join the coalition. NGOs and academics/experts from North America, Europe and the Global South are particularly welcome to join. Find our call to action document here. Interested NGOs and experts can email the coordinator for more information. Other modes of contact can be found here.

We currently have five major international NGO members:

  • Action contre La Faim
  • Canadian Foodgrains Bank 
  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • Oxfam America
  • World Vision International

We also have leading academics/experts from the University of Nottingham, University of Roma Tre, University of Manitoba and the University of Waterloo.


The Trans-Atlantic Food Assistance Dialogue (TAFAD) is  a coalition of international NGOs and leading researchers working in the area of food assistance and nutrition. TAFAD advocates for reform of international food assistance policy, with attention to issues that affect beneficiaries of food assistance.

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