The earlier Trans-Atlantic Food Assistance Dialogue (TAFAD) served as an effective voice of food assistance and nutrition security-based NGOs and academics that called for the renegotiation of the Food Assistance Convention, which eventually came into force in 2012 after it had expired in 1999.

Currently hosted by the International Grains Council in London, the Food Assistance Convention  is the only international treaty in which donor countries pledge to provide some minimal level of food assistance yearly to populations that need them.

Thanks to the advocacy role of TAFAD, there has been a change from an earlier practice under the old Food Aid Convention where grain donations in tonnage of wheat equivalence was recognized as the only means through which donor countries could fulfill their annual commitments. Today, the mode of determining what counts towards fulfilling member commitments has expanded to include cash and food vouchers, local and regional purchase and fortified nutritional programs.

These changes in policy opens yet new frontiers of policy advocacy that TAFAD is well-positioned to take on.


The membership of TAFAD comprises NGOs working in the area of international food assistance and nutrition security as well as leading scholars and experts. Current NGO members include:

Our individual scholar members come from universities in Europe and North America and our policy work draws on the resources of key thought leaders in the field.

Members of the TAFAD coalition commonly share a commitment to advocate for the appropriate mode and levels of food assistance to be delivered to populations that need them in an effective, efficient, appropriate and timely manner. TAFAD members also share the common policy advocacy commitment to ensure that vulnerable populations have access to the appropriate nutritional requirements needed to live healthy lives.

To this end, our members take keen interest in the work of the Food Assistance Committee and other relevant fora where food and nutrition assistance policy-making and advocacy occurs. TAFAD welcomes and encourages new members from the NGO community in Europe, North America and the Global South to join the coalition. Find the TAFAD Call to Action here.

Interested NGOs and individuals can contact the TAFAD Chair for further information. Typically, TAFAD holdS an hour-long teleconference call once every month at the most. Members also connect with each other and with the public via the TAFAD Dialogue blog on this website. Members have exclusive access to post, thoughts and opinions for discussion. Discussions are open for comment from public users.


TAFAD welcomes interested NGOs and individuals to participate in our teleconference call as observer members. Observer status provides opportunity for interested potential members to join in our discussions while the decision to formally join is pending. NGO representatives and interested individuals may as well come on board as observers to get a feel of how TAFAD works or to provide important input into our discussions that may inform decision-making by the coalition.

Interested observer NGOs and individuals can contact the TAFAD Chair for further information. After notifying the chair, observers may create an online account to participate in discussions on our blog page. Observers have access to post relevant articles, opinions and critiques on the TAFAD Dialogue blog.


Discussions on the TAFAD Dialogue Blog are open to members, observers and guests although some restricted privileges apply for guests (details at bottom of page). Members and Observers may post relevant information, articles, opinions and thoughts, etc. on the blog for discussion. Where conditions allow, members and observers may cross-post their own pieces of work or those of others or provide links to online sources.

Click on the relevant link below to create an online account. An online account is needed to post information to the TAFAD Dialogue blog and to comment on posts.






Guests accounts provide a means for members of the public to engage with TAFAD on matters of interest relevant to food and nutrition assistance and security. The guest user is any member of the public or organization that seeks to generally engage without committing to full or observer membership. This option is generally limited to online engagement through the TAFAD Dialogue blog. All are welcomed to join discussions on the blog subject to agreed terms and conditions of participation.

Guest users may access the TAFAD Dialogue blog and post comments. They may not post material to the blog. However, guests who have important contributions that they want to share through on our blog may contact the TAFAD Chair and submit such material for clearance and posting. We will do our best to accommodate diverse view points, but the subject of the submitted materials must be relevant to the principal objectives of TAFAD, i.e. international food assistance and nutrition assistance and security.


The Trans-Atlantic Food Assistance Dialogue (TAFAD) is  a coalition of international NGOs and leading researchers working in the area of food assistance and nutrition. TAFAD advocates for reform of international food assistance policy, with attention to issues that affect beneficiaries of food assistance.

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